Monday, July 13, 2009

Reid Will Host National Clean Energy Summit in Nevada

Reid Will Host National Clean Energy Summit in Nevada. Nevada Senator Harry Reid today announced he will host the National Clean Energy Summit 2.0. The event will be held in Las Vegas for the second year. On August 10, experts will focus on the enormous job potential associated with developing renewable energy. Former Vice President Al Gore and oil man T. Boone Pickens are among the leaders who will participate in the summit.


Wind4me said...

can Harry Reid deliver the 1000 person China Wind Turbine plant to Nevada ??

Suzette Petillo said...

All for buffet
Reid built buffet a 450mls solar power line after buffet said 100sq miles in catalog nev could power ALL USA w wind & solar.
Then buffet bought NV Energy and PUC shutdown rooftop solar.
I believe rooftop & wind belong on all homes and businesses to give ppl Free Energy, w excess back to city or nation.