Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Homemade Solar panels,reduce energy usage

Homemade Solar panels,reduce energy usage


Nigel Z said...

Yeah, the home-made idea always sends shivers down my spine as I have been unfiortunate enought to see many a person fall to their knees after realising they have gone wrong, and then it just ends up costing a lot more to put it right.

There are some good guides out there though, so it's worth looking to see which ones give off the best results.

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jarkosih said...


Simon Lamey said...

Is this something that can really work? I agree with Nigel. It sounds too scary and a lot can go wrong. I would need somebody there with me, interacting to get it done.

Scotty said...

In my research and quest for solar I determined that the risk of keeping the Moisture out of the Panels configuration was a near impossible feat to accomplish. Any moisture will ruin the Solar Panels.

Mark Booker said...

So expand on the moisture matter. How to control the invisible!