Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Could Honda CR-Z Be The World's First Sexy Hybrid?

Honda CR-Z

Honda�"s new CR-Z hybrid coupe is schedule to hit dealerships in the UK and USA at about the same time this summer. But while the Honda CR-Z has so far remained under the radar in America, the small sporty hybrid is garnering a lot of positive press on the other side of the pond.

We can�"t imagine that Honda Motor Europe�"s project in group filmmaking, Live Every Litre, is the reason for the extra attention. The marketing effort�hypothetically designed to promote the CR-Z as hip�yielded a set of YouTube road trip vignettes that induce equal parts confusion and boredom. Nonetheless, a trio of British auto reviewers recently reported a much better time from behind the wheel of the CR-Z.

Quentin Willson of The Mirror was nearly ecstatic about the car. He wrote that the CR-Z �Sis set to become one of the most desirable cars on the planet.⬝ Willson added, �SLooking like nothing else on the road, with a wonderful swooping roofline, it's a lulu to drive.⬝

He praised the CR-Z�"s handling and steering. �SThis is one of Honda's best cars yet, and the world's first truly sporting hybrid coupe⬦Sustainability never looked sexier.⬝

Jason Barlow of BBC�"s Top Gear�usually no fan of hybrids�agreed with Willson. �SBy sticking the Insight's hybrid tech into something that doesn't look like a slapped arse,⬝ Barlow quipped, �SHonda might finally have made eco motoring sexy.⬝ Barlow also praised the CR-Z for its handling. �SIt's proper fun to drive,⬝ Barlow wrote.

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