Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to Save Money With Solar Energy - How to Save Money With Solar Energy Practically with all the negative events happening globally such as the global financial crisis, many people are looking ways how to save money to avoid financial burden's many people became jobless, homeless, because they were laid off by those companies affected by the said financial crisis. We are all informed that most of our energies are generated by the power plants which are using fossil fuels that are almost depleted, scarce resources, therefore, expensive. That's why our electric bills goes way up high simultaneously. That's not the main problem , this fossil fuels, emits pollutant gases in the environment that accelerates global warming, in which we are now experiencing glaciers melts, freakish storms which are becoming more frequent and some low lying islands are now sinking we need to act now to avoid major catastrophes. The answer to our problems are right there at our doorsteps always free, the sun's rays' we can utilize this inexhaustible energy by setting up our own solar powered electric generator. There are so many plants out there in the internet. An average solar panel can generate 140 kilowatts of electric energy, converted from the sun's heat energy. During winter, our energy consumption will certainly double as we use all those sorts of heaters. What a waste of money especially on this financial storm we are all experiencing today. Imagine life living comfortably with all those cool ...
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