Saturday, August 21, 2010

Renewable Energy Payment Feed-in Tariff: Creating Jobs

Renewable energy payments or feed-in tariffs create jobs by creating a market for renewable green energy. Homeowners and businesses can install renewable energy systems and then sign a contract with their local electricity utility to puchase all of the energy. The purcahse rate is usually four to seven times higher than the rate charged by the utility. This is a set rate on a long term contract of approximately 20 years. This allows the homeowner or business to determine the exact payback time for the e renewable energy system. This also helps create distrributed electricity generation which increases the resilience of the electricity grid. In German, this plan has created over 400000 jobs in the renewable energy industry, and is making Germany the fastest implementation of renewable energy in the world. This job creation system is now under consideration in Michigan, which currently has an over 12% unemployment rate. Presentation by Bianca Barth.
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