Friday, March 26, 2010

The Energy Report - 3/23/10: Afternoon Edition

Susan mcginnis anchors this afternoon's Clean Skies News Energy Report from Washington, DC. On the program:- Final draft version of the Kerry Graham Lieberman bill could include "hydrofracking". Clean Skies News talks with BP CEO Tony Hayward. Click here for the entire report. - A pioneering catalytic process that turns plant sugars into premium gasoline has tested successfully, say developers Virent Energy and Shell.- The EPA wants the oil and natural gas sectors to track and report emissions of greenhouse gases.- The Air Force gets set for the first-ever flight of an aircraft powered solely by bio-fuel.- The ceos of 6 public utilities are in Washington to meet with the Large Public Power Council. The LPPC is asking lawmakers to include public utilities when it comes to renewable subsidies.- France is scrapping plans to for a carbon tax.
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