Friday, March 19, 2010

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

This wind turbine is based on the Lenz II design which measures 4 ft tall X 3 ft in diameter. The parts can be purchased at It has a 12 magnet, dual rotor alternater with 9 coils. Each coil is 70 turns. The wing construction is a steel frame made of laser cut ribs with tubular spars and a trailing edge. The ribs fit into notches on the spars and was welded together. The skin is .030" aluminum that has been fastened with rivets. The rotating assembly spins on a fixed shaft. Bearings and wing spokes are bolted to the center tri-star carrier plates. The wings can be quickly removed and swapped. Currently this turbine feeds a small bank of 2 GC-110 wet cell batteries wired in series for a 12V system. AC output is provided by a 1500W inverter.
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