Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Renewable Energy and the Future

The Emerging Energy Technologies Summit 2006, part of UCSB's Technology Management Program, takes a look at more efficient and renewable energy sources, solar and wind power, production of ethanol, and more energy-efficient cars. Series: "Technology Management Program" [7/2006] [Science] [Show ID: 11695]]]>http://youtube.com/?v=Scu1_bVhu8cRenewable Energy and the Futureenergy, technology, conservationUCtelevisionToward a More Efficient Use of Renewable Energy Sourceshttp://youtube.com/?v=9PLlTCn1XSoToward a More Efficient Use of Renewable Energy Sourcesenergy, renewable, conservationUCtelevisionRenewable Energy From the Deep Ocean US Gov R&DRead More... [Source: YouTube Videos tagged with renewable energy]

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