Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wind Energy Technology: Innovations and Challenges

Carsten Westergaard [Global Technology Director, Vestas] Abstract: Wind energy is a fascinating collection of multi-disciplinary engineering. Harvesting the wind efficiently, we have to understand the metrological conditions, the climate, and the turbulence induced by the landscape in order predict the lifetime performance parameters. We can design the turbines using all of our knowledge from civil, mechanical and electrical engineering to deliver a cost-efficient energy that can compete with other energy sources in todays modern society. Now, the goal of the United States is to have 20% of the electrical energy generated by wind. We will need to understand the logistic chain and the infrastructure required to install and operate turbines. Vestas currently has a fleet of more than 35000 turbines, and we are installing one turbine every four hours somewhere on the planet. Biography: Dr. Carsten Hein Westergaard earned his PhD in 1994 at the Danish Technical University. His dissertation titled: "PIV measurements of turbulent structures" encompassed optical computing and optical flow measurements. Part of his research was completed with Prof. Ronald Adrian at University of Illinois. He started his industrial career in wind technology as an aerodynamics blade designer. Through the years, he has been working with fluid and structure dynamics in many different industries. Joining Vestas Technology R&D, he started Vestas office on campus of the National Laboratory for ...
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