Friday, May 14, 2010

April 2010 Dashboard: Japan Sells Twice As Many Hybrids As US

We�"re back online with our Hybrid Market Dashboard�now expanded into the Hybrid and Clean Diesel Market Dashboard.

Hybrids and diesels have competed for mind share as two of the best strategies for improving vehicle efficiency. The hard numbers, which give us a view into real-world market share for April 2010, reveal that hybrids outsell diesels almost four-fold. Bear in mind that there are twice as many available hybrids.

Hybrids dipped to just 2.18 percent of the overall market, after a long period of tracking near 3 percent. Meanwhile, clean diesels are just 0.65 percent. Both categories are comprised of a lot of low selling vehicles. A single nameplate dominates both categories, with the Toyota Prius selling more than half of all hybrids, and the Volkswagen Jetta outselling all other clean diesels combined.

By expanding our view to include diesels, we�"re preparing a bigger green car canvas to include plug-in hybrids and electric cars later this year. Stay tuned for market reports on and

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