Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Energy Report - 6/18/10

Tyler Suiters anchors this afternoon's Clean Skies News Energy Report from Washington, DC. On the program: - Scientists study the effect methane gas is having on the Gulf's fragile ecosystems.- Leading the effort to rebuild the Gulf economy and environment will be a part-time job for Navy Secretary Ray Mabus.- Energy analyst Elliott Gue estimates BP's lost production of the Gulf oil spill.- The EPA delays its decision on boosting the amount of ethanol at the pump.- A buildup of potent gases hamper rescue efforts after an explosion at a Colombian mine.- MSHA says a West Virginia miner who complained about work safety at a Massey Energy mine is getting his job back.- TVA is suspends its solar program.- EPA schedules public information sessions for hydrofracking.- Landowners in Virginia sue two energy companies for cheating them out of billions of dollars.www.cleanskies.com
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