Friday, June 25, 2010

Honda Fit Hybrid: Honda's Low-Cost High-MPG Hybrid, Finally?

Honda Fit

This review of the Honda Fit Hybrid, which was originally published in June 2009, was updated on June 25, 2010. The comments date back to original posting.

Honda hasn't had much luck with its recent hybrids. The Honda Insight and upcoming Honda CR-Z Hybrid coupe fell short of promises to combine a great price with leading fuel economy�or in the case of the CR-Z, with a sporting drive. The Honda Fit Hybrid�coming out this fall in Japan, but no timing yet announced for the U.S.�could be Honda's chance to finally create a gas-electric winner.

First of all, the conventional Honda Fit platform is a major critical and popular success. It has a smart but playful appearance, and a deceivingly large and versatile five-passenger interior. If Honda can add a hybrid powertrain at a relatively low premium�for a final price well below all the hybrid competition�then the company might have reached the right dollar-per-mpg ratio. The Honda Fit Hybrid's prospects wouldn't be hurt if gas prices starting making a rise by the time its delivered, maybe in 2011?

In The Works For A While reported was back in 2006 that Honda was planning a hybrid version of the Fit. That news flash was based on an exclusive interview with an unidentified source�but company officials denied the report. "We're not thinking of a Jazz (Fit) hybrid right now,⬝ said Takeo Fukui, Honda president and CEO, in December 2006. �STo us, the Jazz has sufficient fuel efficiency with the current gasoline engine.⬝

Fukui reversed his story in May 2008 when he told reporters that the spike in crude oil prices convinced Honda that "a Fit hybrid is now starting to make sense."

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