Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ford Takes Hype-Free Stance on Hybrids and Electric Cars

It�"s not a great way to generate buzz, but Ford Motor Co. is taking a common sense approach to building greener cars. In contrast to trying to build an eco-friendly �Shalo⬝ car�or betting big on a single technology�Ford is preparing to weave a range of electric-drive and efficiency technologies into its mainstream global vehicle lineup.

John Viera, Ford's director of sustainability

John Viera, Ford's director of sustainability, was in San Francisco yesterday to attend the Corporate EcoForum. (Photo: Brad Berman. All Rights Reserved.)

�SIt�"s tough to communicate our philosophy versus focusing on one technology,⬝ said John Viera, Ford�"s director of sustainability and environmental policy, in an exclusive interview with HybridCars.com. �SWe feel that outside the communication and the hype, there is no silver bullet. There�"s no fuel type or technology, including electric, that is the perfect solution. They�"re either too expensive or they lack infrastructure and availability. They all have their warts.⬝

Ford is balancing its move to efficiency between advanced internal combustion technology, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric cars. The company will launch its all-electric Transit Connect delivery truck later this year, followed by the Ford Focus Electric in 2011, a plug-in hybrid version of a small SUV (not necessarily the Escape) in 2012, and a pair of next-generation hybrids by 2013.

Ford is planning to build fewer than 10,000 all-electric vehicles in the next two years. Meanwhile, Nissan-Renault is planning to build as many as 500,000 pure electric cars globally by 2012. Could Ford fall behind if electric cars take the world by storm?

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