Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Renewable Energy Solution of the Month - Wind

To help support Climate Denial Crock of the Week Go to climatecrocks.com If you can't view the video because of copyright issues in Europe, go here www.greenmanstudio.com That there is power in the wind is not a new discovery, man has been using it for thousands of years. What most people don't realize is how much experimentation has been going on in this century. There is no shortage of energy... 20% wind by 2030 www1.eere.energy.gov Shifting to Renewable by 2030 news.stanford.edu www.scientificamerican.com China takes lead in Wind Development www.youtube.com Oil spill animation blog.al.com Wind History part1 www.youtube.com Wind History part 2 www.youtube.com National Academy - Bird and Environmental impacts books.nap.edu storage plants in the US www.industcards.com Wind lowers electricity prices in Europe www.bloomberg.com reuters _ "Loss of Wind" event www.reuters.com Why the Texas event raises no concern about wind www.energypulse.net ERCOT study of "loss of wind" event interchange.puc.state.tx.us Denmark: Best for Doing Business_2 years in a row www.forbes.com New York Times - a Sea of Untapped Energy www.nytimes.com Nordpool implements negative price www.nordpoolspot.com Denmark: Happiest people in the world www.visitdenmark.com
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