Wednesday, February 17, 2010

HUMAN WATT POWER Stationary Bike Grid Tie Inverter Solar Electric Bicycle SOLAR FITNESS CLUB

FITNESS CLUB BUSINESS IDEA. If a company made a bunch of plug n play bikes to a KW Meter, Users could compete, who produces more power over a week, month, year. Green Gym Solar Fitness Club off the Grid. Future residential solar power systems. Solar job career opportunity. This is a DC Permanent Magnet Motor used as a generator. The GRID TIE INVERTER is a SPECIAL INVERTER that can attach to your grid and back power your house reducing the electrons you get from the power company. THIS IS NOT A REGULAR INVERTER, do not rig a regular inverter to your grid our you can croak. Also this answers THE QUESTION AGAIN ABOUT BLACK OUTS AND GRID TIE INVERTERS. They cannot back power during an outage, Electronics prevent this and need voltage detection to work. EVEN if the unit were somehow altered, the load of all the appliances in your house and neighborhood would cause the inverter to overload, so it is not possible to power your neighborhood or even your house alone with a Grid Tie Inverter during a blackout. UNLESS YOU ARE PRODUCING MORE POWER THAN YOUR HOUSE IS USING, THE GRID TIE INVERTER WILL NOT BACK POWER THE ELECTRICAL GRID. THE ELECTRONS PRODUCED FROM YOUR SOLAR PROJECT CONVERTED TO AC VIA THE GTI WILL BE USED BY APPLIANCES AND LIGHTING IN YOUR HOUSE FIRST.
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