Friday, February 26, 2010

Requiem for Hummer

Hummer Going to Heaven

General Motors is ready to shut down Hummer. That was the big news earlier this week after the company�"s deal to sell the Hummer brand to Tengzhong, a Chinese machinery company, collapsed. The passing of Hummer gave opinion writers, pundits and bloggers�and the general public�an opportunity to reflect on the vehicle that perhaps best represents the excesses of the SUV era.

From the beginning, Hummer was a lightening rod, eliciting strong emotions from people who loved and hated the quintessential gas-guzzler. We collected final remembrances of the Hummer from across the web, and hope you will add your reflections and condolences.

GM Gives In To Good Taste, Closes Hummer Division

"Auto decal makers and window-tinters of the world are in mourning this afternoon...They're stopping production of the controversial phallic stand-ins⬦I propose that, at midnight ET tonight, all Hummer owners across the country pause their Girls Gone Wild DVDs and join me in a moment of silence for the fallen giant."
- From The Consumerist

Hummer, R.I.P.

"In response to GM's announcement, flags across oil-rich Saudi Arabia were lowered to half-mast while the entire Exxon/Mobil board of directors were seen at a group grief counseling session. On Wall Street, oil speculators were jumping from windows while in Michigan, some people were mourning the possibility of a world without Hummers."
- From Detroit Free Press

Hummer's Long Overdue Death

"Driving one of those militaristic behemoths used to be a status symbol, but after gas prices topped $4 a gallon in the summer of 2008, people began to rethink the excess. In 2008, GM sold 27,485 Hummers, down from 35,000 in 2003. In 2009, after announcing it was putting the brand up for sale, GM sold only 9,000."
- From Forbes

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