Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toward a More Efficient Use of Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy. In one hour we get enough sunlight on the earth to power the planet for a year. The molecular design of new materials for efficient harvesting of photons from the sun is promising. But storing that energy requires the next generation of batteries: sustainable, safe, and high-energy. Alan Heeger, Lon Bell and Jean-Marie Tarason explore new ways to meet our energy needs. Series: Summit on Energy Efficiency [11/2009] [Science] [Show ID: 17378]]]> a More Efficient Use of Renewable Energy Sourcesenergy, renewable, conservationUCtelevisionPARABOLIC DISH MIRROR PARABOLOID HOMEMADE DIY REFLECTOR RENEWABLE ENERGYRead More... [Source: YouTube Videos tagged with renewable energy]

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Justin McMillin said...

There have been a lot of formatting issues in your posts. Not sure if this is a Firefox/OS X thing, but you should really get that worked out.