Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Geography, Oil and the Coda Electric Car

Coda All-Electric Sedan

The all-electric Coda sedan will have a range of about 100 miles�on a full charge of about 6 hours. It will sell for around $40,000.

The Coda all-electric sedan, due late this year, is the underdog in the race for an affordable mass-market pure electric car. As a start-up, it doesn�"t have the financial and marketing resources that Nissan and General Motors are putting behind the Leaf and Volt. Unlike Tesla and Fisker, Coda hasn�"t received big government loans. So, Coda is playing the role of a small, smart and scrappy start-up electric car company, using every means possible to bring a practical petroleum-free car to the United States

“The auto industry is a global industry...It is less a matter of geography and more a matter of what firm has control over process and quality.”

Kevin Czinger
CEO, Coda Automotive

Fans of electric vehicles, and supporters of good old-fashioned American entrepreneurialism, might celebrate Coda�"s rugged and independent approach�but that�"s being undermined by questions about the manufacturing origins of the Coda sedan. Critics say the car is manufactured in China, so it�"s a Chinese car. Full stop. Forget for a moment that nearly every manufactured good we use today comes from China. An analysis of the nationality of the Coda is complex�considering the global nature of the automotive industry.

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