Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Energy Report - 4/13/10

Tyler Suiters anchors this afternoon's Clean Skies News Energy Report from Washington, DC On the Program:- EPA Assist. Administrator discusses an often overlooked reason driving GHG regulation.- Bolivia to hold alternative climate conference next week- countries include those that blocked adoption of the Copenhagen Accord.- A former top federal mine safety official will lead an independent investigation of last week's deadly mine explosion in West Virginia.- Global warming blamed for a large glacier breaking off and plunging into a lake in Peru, causing a 75-foot tsunami.- Australia officials remove coal carrier from the Great Barrier Reef, but not before it caused damage that will take nature about 20 years to repair.- Two new studies will help the Interior Department make decisions on future offshore energy development in Alaska.- Tesoro refinery in Washington state where a fire killed 6 people will now reduce operations there throughout the rest of the month.- The CFTC chairman warns Senate compromises could leave derivatives free to devastate the financial system again.- General Motors says Volt may get better mileage on a single charge than thought.- President Obama urges citizens to take action on 40th anniversary of Earth Day.- GE debuts new LED light bulb that can last 17 years.
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