Monday, July 26, 2010

AFS Trinity Awarded Patent for Ultracap Hybrids

AFS Trinity

AFS Trinity claims that its ultracapacitor technologies could push the mileage of a small plug-in hybrid SUV to 150 mpg.

AFS Trinity Power Corporation today announced that it has been awarded a patent for its Extreme Hybrid drive train that makes ultracapacitors a critical part of plug-in hybrid strategy. For the last few years, AFS Trinity has claimed that using ultracaps could push the mileage of a small SUV to 150 mpg.

Capacitors store only small amounts of electricity but can provide bursts of power�reducing strain on hybrid batteries primarily designed to store large amounts of energy. Think of capacitors as a way to provide instant oomph. In fact, F1 has been using something similar�an energy-saving device known as Kinetic Energy Recover Systems�for a few years. The benefit of ultracapicators for everyday hybrids is the ability to use smaller, less expensive battery packs�especially on plug-in hybrids�and to extend battery durability and performance.

The AFT Trinity patent provides broad protection for its technology, covering the use of ultracapacitors, flywheels, and �Spower batteries⬝ used to protect the main energy storage battery bank.

�SBy seamlessly integrating ultra-capacitors into the electronic propulsion system of plug-ins, the AFS Trinity system eliminates peak electric loads on the battery caused by the frequent acceleration and braking events that are part of everyday driving,⬝ wrote AFS Trinity Chief Executive Officer Edward W. Furia, in a letter to federal legislators. �SThis innovation allows plug-ins to travel farther on smaller, less-expensive lithium-ion batteries, while also increasing the useful life of the batteries.⬝ Furia is advocating that government incentives should support power-based systems, not just vehicles like the Chevy Volt that have large battery packs.

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