Monday, July 19, 2010

MINI Set to Debut a Trio of New Vehicles in Geneva

Mini Coupe and Mini Roadster

The finalized production versions of the new MINI Coupe and Roadster will debut in Geneva next year, with both models planned for a 2011 release.

MINI is working to finish a two-seat concept small car that it will debut at the Geneva Motor Show next March. The car will be an update of an existing concept that first appeared in Geneva in 1997 as the MINI Spiritual. The vehicle's styling is expected to be the first showing of a revitalized retro look for the next wave of offerings from the company, including updates of their current vehicles and two already confirmed releases that will also debut in Geneva.

The new releases, the 2012 Coupe and Roadster models, will be available in 2011�within six months of one another. Not many details about the vehicles are available yet�including estimated fuel economy numbers�but expect that to change by the time they get to Geneva.

In the meantime, MINI will release its new Countryman model later this year. The car, which has been called the �SMaxi-MINI⬝ by Edmunds because it's the largest car the company has produced to date�nearly a half foot longer than the Clubman and 16 inches longer than the Cooper.

MINI Spiritual

The new city car concept is based on the MINI Spiritual, which debuted in Geneva in 1997 but didn't make it to market.

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