Thursday, July 22, 2010

Honda Civic Going 100-Percent Hybrid, In Japan

2010 Honda Civic Hybrid

2010 Honda Civic Hybrid

Reuters and 24/7 Wall Street are reporting that Honda is phasing out the gas-powered Civic for the Japanese market, and will only sell the hybrid version.

Honda will roll out an all-new Civic worldwide in late 2011.

As we reported a few days ago, Honda is boosting investment in hybrid technology, based on the belief that conventional hybrid technology can provide fuel economy and CO2 benefits more cost effectively than plug-in cars or clean diesel models.

The 24/7 Wall Street writer Paul Ausick speculated, �SUS buyers may also see the day, sooner rather than later, when only a hybrid Civic is available.⬝ Yet, U.S. sales of the Honda Civic Hybrid in the first half of 2010 are down by almost 75 percent. Meanwhile, in Japan, hybrids remain hot sellers. Toyota Prius has been the top-selling vehicle in Japan for the past 14 months.

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