Tuesday, August 10, 2010

GM Prepares for $4 Gas with Small Cars for All Brands

Yesterday, Automotive News reported that General Motors is preparing for future gas price spikes by introducing compact cars for all of its brands, as follows:

Chevrolet will brighten up its small car offerings when it introduces the Spark in 2012. Fuel economy for the minicar with edgy styling could reach 45 mpg or higher.

Chevy Spark

Chevy Spark

In 2012, G.M. will also introduce the Buick Verano compact car, built on the same platform at the Chevy Cruze. (The Chinese version was unveiled in June as the Buick Excelle GTT.) The Verano shares styling cues with the Buick LaCrosse sedan, which is expected to get a hybrid system, maybe the new and improved mild hybrid technology GM talked about last week.

Buick Excelle

Buick Excelle is expected as Buick Verano in the U.S. by 2012.

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