Monday, February 8, 2010

Hermance Award Debuts at 2010 Chicago Auto Show

Dave Hermance

David Hermance

The 2010 Chicago Auto Show, which kicks off later this week, is the location for the inaugural presentation of the Hermance Vehicle Efficiency Award. The award recognizes the most efficient new car with the greatest consumer appeal. The award is given in honor of the late David Hermance, Toyota�"s highly respected executive engineer of environmental engineering. Hermance was considered Toyota�"s hybrid guru, and a spokesperson for efficient vehicle technologies for the entire auto industry.

The 2010 Hermance Vehicle Efficiency Award will be presented this Wednesday, Feb.10, to the new vehicle that represents Hermance�"s vision, described by the award committee as �Spractical efficient design, as well as affordability for consumers and profitability for car companies.⬝ The organizers hope the award will help consumers better understand the importance of efficiency�and place a high value on it when purchasing their next vehicle. Only cars and trucks currently available in showrooms today are eligible for the award. All powertrain and fuel options were evaluated on an equal basis.

“I'd like to leave the planet a little better than I found it. It's going to be hard work.”

The late David Hermance
Toyota's executive engineer of environmental engineering

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