Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Prius Owners Mostly Unfazed by Recall

On the first day or the announced recall of Toyota Priuses, the reaction from hybrid owners has been remarkably muted. Media reports from around the country reveal that few Prius drivers seem overly concerned about a potential problem with uneven braking. The calm reaction could be explained by the devotion of Prius drivers to their hybrids�or to the Toyota brand�or by the fact that Toyota�"s much larger and potentially dangerous recall involving unintended accleration makes the Prius problem seem minor. Or is the public growing weary of the Toyota recall story?

Prius Rebuke

Toyota president Akio Toyoda, head bowed, was rebuked by Japanese Transport Minister Seiji Maehara regarding the Prius recall. But reaction in the US was muted.

Here�"s a random sampling from around the country:


    "Auto industry experts say the brake issue probably won't have much of an impact on Prius sales. Hybrid owners adore their cars and are far more forgiving than other Toyota buyers. Cleveland filmmaker Bill Laufer said he was willing to give Toyota a pass on this problem. 'I love this car,' he said of his 2010 Prius. 'I absolutely, unequivocally love everything about this vehicle. Philosophically, I think it's the sort of thing that we should all be driving.'"


    "So am I losing sleep over my Prius? So far, no. Toyota made technical mistakes and apparently fumbled in acting on the problem. But I don't think I've encountered this specific problem, even over potholed roads. Again, my issue is far less serious than the sticking accelerator that Toyota is also dealing with, so I feel fortunate."

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