Sunday, February 14, 2010

Solar Energy MST on TV English Voice

MST addresses the needs of the Global Clean Energy Market by introducing advanced technology to convert solar energy into electricity at an affordable price, one the worlds most efficient Solar Energy technologies. Concentrated photovoltaics produce more energy using less space and are projected to economically out-compete other Solar Systems of our generation. Israeli High Tech expertise, combined with vision and social mission, is turning deserts into national resources. See also mst's mission is To revolutionize energy by providing large scale cost competitive solar power plants. The Technology The Multi-Junction Solar Cells MST uses are highly efficient (37%) and are also used by and suited to the high demands of the Space Industry. The overall MST Solar Power Plant efficiency is today 25% and as current projections indicate that Multi-Junction Cell efficiency will increase to 45% within 5 years, the MST Solar Power Plant efficiency will accordingly achieve approximately 30%. MST plans to reach a 10MW CPV Solar Energy System production capacity in the beginning of 2010 making it one of the largest producers of its kind in the world.
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