Sunday, April 11, 2010

Renewable carbon negative energy

A simple experiment to prove with a low-tech downdraft gasifier you can produce charcoal and clean renewable energy as seen in the fist stage of startup. When the charcoal layer had moved up the inner cone to reach the full diameter of the reactor, (Thus giving off the maximum amount of gas) I opened up the updraft air as well (Up/downdraft inspired by Agua Das's "Dasifier") as seen in the second clip. The only input was a small compressor that was using 3.4A of power. Only innovation (If that!) was I coiled the compressed air tube inside the reactor to super heat the air. My thoughts here were the air would expand and this would reduce the load on the compressor as well as make the super heated O2 more ready to react with the syngas. For more info on the beneficial effects of charcoal for both soil amendment and long term carbon sequestration check out, Info on gasification check out,
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